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SPRK is a web-based travel-selling platform that enables agents to take their supplier relationships and customer service offerings to a new level. Travel counselors using SPRK have access to expanded content sources, including direct connect and flight merchandising, delivered in an intuitive, flexible environment that requires little or no agent retraining to get started. 

Available only to travel agencies that have agreements with direct connect airlines, the SPRK platform equips travel sellers with a robust point-of-sale solution that not only handles ‘traditional’ air content, but also accommodates dynamic workflows and optional services that may be unique to different airlines. This enables both the supplier and the travel seller to offer a more personalized, higher-value trip experience, while also collecting more pre-trip data for corporate travel compliance. No custom implementation required. No local software installation/configuration. There is minimal agent retraining and, most of all, no more gaps between you and your travel distribution ROI.


SPRK Platform Highlights

  • •     Seamlessly access direct connects from over a dozen worldwide carriers. Comprehensive functionality (shop, book, ticket, exchange, refund, void, PNR
          management and more, including new features such as flight check-in, dynamic load-factor based upgrades, and integration of pictures/video for a
          more transparent shopping experience).
  • •     Shop and book fare options and ancillary services (unique per carrier), and then issue the corresponding document (EMD with reporting).
    •     Extended profile system includes unused document tracking, service fees, trip templates, market- based preferences and more.
    •     Multiple currency, multi-language, ARC and BSP-Certified, with unlimited scalability.